The Pride in Sheffield committee aim to make our Pride the
most accessible Pride that Sheffield has seen. Accessibility is
not an after-thought for us rather central to everything we do:
Accessibility is an LGBTQ+ issue.

On the Day

Pride will be held at Endcliffe Park in 2021.
Information on the accessibility of the park is available here.
The march will depart from Pear Street and is approx. 1 mile long,
over relatively flat roads. You can view the route here.

There will be a section of the parade set aside for those using
mobility scooters, wheelchairs or other mobility aids, to help
us ensure everyone is safe and that the parade moves at an
appropriate speed.If you would like to join this group, we
would ask that you email us ahead of time at, so we can assess how
many people will be in this group.

A quiet tent will be provided in Endcliffe Park all day.
There will also be private tents for changing clothes etc.,
and accessible Portaloos, in addition to the permanent
facilities in the park.

Year Round

Pride in Sheffield is a democratic organisation, and we encourage all
members of the Sheffield LGBT+ community to attend our open
meetings in order to help us plan and shape Pride.
Our meetings take place in wheelchair accessible spaces,
and we are are happy to make any accessibility arrangements you
may require – please contact us on: or using the contact form below.

This website has options to allow you to view the content
in the size that best suits you (browser dependent).
We have an accessibility working group and an Accessibility Officer
on the executive committee.
We are developing our safer spaces and accountability policies.

Of course we want to hear from you on how we’re doing,
what we can do better, general feedback or if you want
to get involved with accessibility at Pride in Sheffield.
Whatever it is, just email us at
Or just complete the form below and we will be in touch.