About Pride in Sheffield

Pride in Sheffield was formed in 2019 and the committee was elected by
the community to deliver Pride for the community. Your committee is
dedicated to delivering a great pride for the community, working with local
and national LGBTQ+, BAME & Trans community groups, partners and sponsors to deliver
great events for the community year-long.

Our aim is to make Pride as
representative as possible of the entire community, ensuring that in the the
movement which was started at the Stonewall riots continues to be at
the heart of Pride in Sheffield. We also Feel important that protest
is not removed from the day but is embraced by all as
a way to bring the struggles of those who live in countries
where they are persecuted for who they love or how they express their gender.

Find out more about the Stonewall riots.

Pride in Sheffield Pledge

We ask all our sponsors to sign up to this pledge as part
of their sponsorship of Pride in Sheffield.

Our pledge to the LGBT+ community:

  • We will strive to make Sheffield a safe city for all LGBT+
    people every day, not just the day of Pride.
  • We will recognise and support the struggles of our LGBT+ staff
    members and customers.
  • We will support the rights of trans people.
  • We denounce any instances of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia,
    anti-semitism and discrimination against disabled people.
  • We will actively promote equality and implement good Equal Opportunities
    and Diversity practices.